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Walk through the History Corridor to get a glimpse of the glorious past and present days of the Sabarna Roy Choudhury Family.


The World famous Kalighat Temple

This temple was built in the year 1809. Famous zamindar of his times and a social reformist Santosh Roy Choudhury started building the temple but soon after in 1799,  he died. His dreams was fulfilled by his grandson Rajiblochan Roy Choudhury.

Today this temple is one of the greatest pilgrimage center in India. Everyday, thousands of visitors from all over the World come to get a Darshan of ever powerful Goddess Kali.

The Sushileshwari Temple

The Sushileshwari temple was built in the year 1892 by Yajneswari devi in memory of her daughter Sushileshwari who died young. Here the goddess is Chandi. Every year an annual festival is held on the day of Maghi Purnima in February.

The present Annapurna Temple

The Annapurna Mandir at Barisha Baro Bari was built in circa 1850 by Chandrakanta Roy Choudhury. Four Shiv temples are also a part of the Annapurna temple complex.

The Lease Deed of Calcutta

This is the historical deed of lease of the three villages of Sutaluti, Kalikatah and Govindapur signed on 10 TH November, 1698 at Barisha Atchala between minor members of our family and the East India Company. This documents were obtained from the British Museum with the help from the former British Prime Minister John Major for the Sabarna Roy Choudhury Paribar Parishad. This Deed is now on display at Sabarna Sangrahashala.

Our Durga Pratima

The typical Durga Pratima of the Sabarna Roy Choudhury Family. Here is the idol of Baro Bari.

Swami Jogananda

Yogindranath Roy Choudhury renamed as Yogin Maharaj (30.3.1861- 28.3.1899) was born to Nabin Chandra Roy Choudhury at Dakshineshwar. He was one of the six main disciples of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansadev, whom the master had identified as Gods men. He was one of the main pillars of the Ramakrishna movement and witnessed the first blooming of the Mission,  but did not live long to see the Math. He was blessed by the Holy Mother Sri Ma Sarada Devi and until his last breath, he had served the Holy Mother. He was the contemporary and close associates of Swami Vivekananda and Avedananda.

Barisha Sri Sri Chandi Mata

One of the most sacred pujas performed at Barisha is the Sri Sri Chandi puja.This puja was established in the year 1792 by Mahesh Chandra Roy Choudhury.This puja is unique of its kind and perhaps unparallel in its tradition and culture. The puja utsav accompanied with a big fair propagates religious harmony and brotherhood. The ten day long puja utsav and fair attracts lakhs of devotees and visitors from all over.

Karunamoyee Kali Temple

This temple to goddess Kali was built in 1760 by Nandadulal Roy Choudhury ( Alias Nandadalal. Born 1722) of Baro Bari. Nandadulal was the only son of Krishnadeva, the founder of Baro Bari, and the grandson of the illustrious Zamindar Ray Keshavram Majumdar Choudhury. He had three sons namely Raghabendra, Ramcharan and Jagannath. His youngest child was a daughter named Karunamoyee. The daughter was very dear to the father. But sadly she left for the Heavenly abode at an early age of seven. Nandadulal was very much saddened and grieved at this. He lost his touch with the world completely. Then suddenly one night he dreamt of the divine Mother comforting him in the disguise of his deceased daughter. After this incident he got erected a big Navaratna temple accompanied with another twelve aatchala Shiva temples and consecrated the Deity of goddess Kali in the name of his daughter Karunamoyee.

The present temple was constructed by the present family sebayets. The temple is situated at Tollygunge in South Kolkata. It is said that Rani Rashmoni built her famous Dakshineshwar temple on the design of this temple (the old one). The Karunamoyee temple is noted for its undisturbed sanctity.

At present, Ashok Roy Choudhury, a young responsible family member and a dedicated devotee is the Sebayet of the temple. The Kali Pujo and Kalpataru Utsav are the main celebrations.

Muktakeshi Kali Temple at Uttarpara

This is the image of the Muktakeshi Kali at Uttarpara. This temple was built more than 300 years ago by the family members of Uttarpara. Today the temple attracts hundreds of pilgrims from allover South Bengal. The temple is situated just opposite the Dakshineshwar temple on the bank of river Hooghly. It is believed that when Rani Rashmoni Devi was searching a place to build hertemple, she chose this place but in a dream Ma Kali told her that she should built the temple on the eastern side of the river as on the weatern side She is residing on the temple of the Sabarna family.

Nimta Kali Bari

Sometime during Laksmikanta or his son Gauri's time, three idols were discovered from a lake near today's North Kolkata. Two idols belonged to Ma Kali and one to Lord Shiva in a meditating posture. The four handed idol of Ma Kali was placed in a temple erected at Panihati while the other two handed idol of Ma Kali and the idol of Lord Shiva was placed at this temple at Nimta.

Today both the temples of Panihati and Nimta are quite famous for their Deities and faith and are places of pilgrimage.

Maida Kali Bari

This temple is located at Maida, a small village in South 24 Parganas. The previous original temple was constructed by the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family but now after the old temple was ruined, this new temple was built by a local Zamindar Gadhadhar Choudhury. Thousands of pilgrims visit this holy place during festivals.